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  Shanghai Kirtun Electrical Equipment Group Yueqing Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. has a strong quality control and quality assurance measures, so the user quality fault feedback rate has remained below 0.5%.
Second, we will always adhere to the "strengthening quality management, and enhance the quality of consciousness", to improve the quality of staff technical quality, and make every effort to make customer satisfaction policy, to ensure that the technical performance of manufactured products meet national standards, to meet customer requests by .
  Leaders and technical staff of the demand side in the production process, are always welcome to come to our guidance, in particular, the whole process of the production process, inspection and other inspection and supervision.
  Fourth, the products need to carry out the quality of the "three guarantees". Three Guarantees period where manufacturing quality problems caused by damage to the product by our company shall be responsible for the free deadline repair.
  Product quality is the life of the Company, we will do our best to ensure that products manufactured in the reliable operation of the user's long-term safety, to maintain the brand reputation of the company long-term consolidation and development of.
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