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      Shanghai KIRTUN  electrical Equipment Group Co. Ltd was founded in 1997, is the larger of super high voltage electric equipment R & D and production enterprises.Shanghai KIRTUN  electrical Equipment Group Co. Ltd  operation of high and low voltage electrical components, complete sets of equipment and ultra high voltage electrical equipment for the core business in the production, and relates to energy development, commercial real estate, high-tech, green agriculture, culture communication, logistics trade, financial and other diversified industries, has developed into a large-scale comprehensive enterprise group independent import and export rights.
      Shanghai KIRTUN  electrical Equipment Group Co. Ltd  always adhere to the "electrical appliance industry as the foundation, the commercial real estate as the pillar, energy development as the center, the diversification development strategy of high-tech direction", after 10 years of fighting, in the socialist market economy with Chinese characteristics in the tide of reform in lotic brave, walk into the waves.Specialized in Jinshan electric industry R & D and production base of ultra high voltage electrical equipment, through the introduction of international advanced technology the Russian Lenin Electrical Institute and independent development, the East China Electric Group with large-scale production capacity of ultra high voltage electrical equipment, the establishment of a complete R & D, production, sales, service production chain, and its products the line extends to a plurality of fields distribution of EHV transmission, is committed to building the national electrical manufacturing industry "Chinese Silicon Valley";Shanghai shengdena jewelry gift shopping mall, Shanghai mall, Xi'an Northwest business center and other commercial real estate, through operational excellence management style, strong market development ability as well as the broad capital operation platform, casting the extraordinary quality of commercial real estate, realize the great-leap-forward development of East China Electric Group business operation mode from single to diversified, become a new force Chinese commercial real estate, produced a huge market impact and positive effects; spend hundreds of millions of dollars for the development of Qinghai coal industry, to build coal resources as the foundation, the development mode of multiple complementary, comprehensive development, support the construction, boosting the development of the central, forming a good situation of sustainable development, and realizing the Midwest regional cooperation win-win.
      Shanghai KIRTUN  electrical Equipment Group Co. Ltd adhere to the electric industrial development as the basis, 110 ~ 500kV GIS/HGIS, GIL, GCB, VCB and photoelectric transformer, high voltage, R & D and production with the international advanced level and independent intellectual property rights of EHV power transmission products, the establishment of a complete R & D, production, sales, service industry chain, forming the core competitiveness powerful.A number of production bases and more than 300 branches and offices all over the world, more than 150 series, more than 6800 kinds of products are exported to the world more than 30 countries and regions, are widely used in aviation, ports, petrochemical, metallurgy, municipal, electricity and other fields, and through the deepening of international strategic cooperation, participation in the Russian national grid transformation of the building.
     Shanghai KIRTUN  electrical Equipment Group Co. Ltd adhering to the "second is behind" business management concept, with "set in KIRTUN  electrical Equipment Group Co. Ltd essence, a national industry brand" as its mission, with strong R & D capability and high quality products, fully create high-tech electrical products, to revitalize the national electric appliance brand in China and make unremitting efforts, innovation in the future the development of the brilliant.

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